Pence Endangers Thousands of Hoosier Children

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Before you can say “What else is new?”, read how our Governor is placing thousands of children at risk every day.

Despite last year’s US Supreme Court decision that legalized same sex marriage, including the same rights and responsibilities as married couples, Pence has turned his back on children born to two moms.

Indiana provides that a child born to a married mom & dad through assisted reproduction has two parents to care for them, make medical decisions for them, and inherit from should the unthinkable happen.  However, Indiana refuses to apply the law equally to children born to two moms.

Pence is demanding that same sex, legally married couples, who commit their lives to each other and their children, must leave their child’s future up to the discretion of an elected official.

Governor Pence is demanding that two women in a same sex marriage submit their criminal history, driving record, proof of employment, tax records, financial profile, veterinarian records (no joke), birth certificates of all family members, divorce records, child protective records, medical records, an autobiography, and submit to an FBI background search and costly home study, before they can have the same rights to care for and raise their child. Conversely, a man can be an unemployed, child abuser, with a lengthy criminal history and multiple failed marriages and still have the opportunity to parent his child.

Pence says that the law that imputes parenthood to a married man is necessary to protect his privacy so that people won’t inquire into his wife’s infidelity or his infertility. Our Governor is putting men’s privacy over the best interest of our children!

Pence’s absurd argument means children of divorced same sex couples have more right to support than if the child’s parents are married.

Several brave women have decided to challenge the Governor and fight for their children.

You can read about their fight to have both mothers’ name placed on their child’s birth certificate, a document that is used in raising a child for everything from enrolling your child in a sports team to traveling out of the country. A birth certificate is evidence of a child’s right to parental support, the child’s right to be included on a parent’s health care plan, and a child’s right to have a parent make medical decisions for them instead of the state.

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