Who We Are

Knowing where to turn for assistance with legal and government issues isn’t always easy. At Indy Allies, we understand and are ready to help.

Have you received a letter that leaves you stumped? Are you looking to secure your future with a will or estate plan? Is your business in the perfect position to bid on a government contract? Are you looking to run for office, influence a public question, or affect public policy? Have you encountered a dispute, hit a roadblock and are uncertain where to turn? Whether it’s an opportunity or a legal dilemma, Indy Allies is ready to help.

Indy Allies was launched to provide affordable, quality solutions. IndyAllies.com is organized into three categories: Government, Legal and Resources. If you’re not certain where to turn, contact us, and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction, at no cost to you.

Indy Allies’ clients remain in control and have the option to select full service assistance, unbundled services, or self-help options. Clients throughout Indiana can obtain assistance through a secure client portal, web chat or face to face.

Our Story

A veteran in government circles, founder and legal counsel, Leslie Barnes, has spent over 20 years serving as a trusted legal and strategic advisor to individuals, elected officials and nonprofits throughout Indiana. Barnes saw an opportunity to empower individuals and strengthen communities by providing an affordable and innovative alternative to connect clients to government services and opportunities and to access legal assistance.

Are we a Law Firm

No. Indy Allies provides government services, self-help resources and, if needed, secure, online access to Barnes Legal Group, an Indiana law firm. Indiana law specifically restricts the naming of law firms to partner names, deceased partner names, languages spoken, areas of practice and geographic regions. We believe those limitations are pretty uninspiring. So we have chosen to link the law firm portion of the enterprise to Indy Allies, the part of the enterprise with a symbolic, inspiring, and memorable name.

Our Name

The word “ally” refers to the alliance or partnership created between client and attorney.   It also describes the privilege we have to advocate on behalf of full civil rights for all individuals. The pink inverted triangle was reclaimed in the 1970’s after being used to denote gay prisoners in Nazi concentration camps. It has become known as a symbol of pride, solidarity and a promise to never forget the tragedies that occurred during the Holocaust. Inspired by many friends and family who have helped pave the way for racial and gender equity, the symbol serves as an indication that our doors to open to everyone.