Todd Young and Candidate Challenges

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Have you ever wondered how ineligible candidates are removed from the ballot? Do you imagine government officials sifting through records and researching each candidate to ensure they meet the qualifications before putting them on the ballot? If so, you’d be wrong. Indiana has strict requirements to run for and hold office, but policing that eligibility is generally left up to individuals and their political parties. For better or worse, Indiana lawmakers have left it up to each major political party … Read More

Candidate Eligibility

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I wish I could tell you that the government researches each candidate’s qualifications to run for office and removes those ineligible, but I can’t. In fact, voters are subjected to more scrutiny by government officials than candidates by a long shot. But that’s another topic for another day. . . So, it’s up to individuals and parties to research candidates and file a challenge. And the deadline to do so is this Friday, February 12th at Noon. Don’t expect to … Read More

Pence Endangers Thousands of Hoosier Children

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Before you can say “What else is new?”, read how our Governor is placing thousands of children at risk every day. Despite last year’s US Supreme Court decision that legalized same sex marriage, including the same rights and responsibilities as married couples, Pence has turned his back on children born to two moms. Indiana provides that a child born to a married mom & dad through assisted reproduction has two parents to care for them, make medical decisions for them, … Read More

Future of LGBT Rights in Indiana

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Next week marks the halfway point in the 2016 legislative session, where 4 civil rights bills get their first and perhaps only public hearing this year. On Tuesday, Hoosier lawmakers will take up the issue of hate crimes, whereby criminal sentences can be enhanced upon proof the crime was motivated by a particular bias against the victim.  In the case of SB220, proof that the victim was targeted in part due to their race; religion; color; sex or gender; disability; … Read More

Will Hoosier Lawmakers Address Racial Profiling?

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State Representative, Cherish Pryor, from Indianapolis, continues the fight to address racial inequality, authors HB 1027. On numerous occasions, Pryor has voiced concern over racial inequality in the areas of voting, housing, jobs, and police activities.  For the second year in a row, Pryor has introduced a bill that would prohibit racial profiling, provide for training & data collection, and provide for damages to be awarded to victims of illegal discrimination. The term “racial profiling” is more inclusive than its … Read More

Indiana Poised to Address Bias Crimes Again

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Indiana lawmakers have a dozen civil rights bills waiting to be heard.  Much attention has been paid to LGBT issues, but bills that tackle racial equality, hate crimes, equal pay, disability issues and more await hearings.  None of these bills has been given a hearing until now, and one more week remains before the doors likely close.  This the first article in a series that will be released daily. HB 1268 has a group of bipartisan authors and co-authors poised to … Read More

Republicans Set Up Hoosiers for Confusion on LGBT Civil Rights

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Today, Senate Republicans unveiled what will become SB 100, their much-awaited proposal on the issue of discrimination based upon sexual orientation and gender identity. For a very good breakdown of each provision of the bill, I’d refer readers to Doug Masson’s blog, A Citizens Guide to Indiana. SB 100 does add gender identity, sexual orientation, active duty status, and veteran status to Indiana’s civil rights protections, including public accommodations. But it limits damage awards, creates a policy that provides greater … Read More

Checking it Twice-Reasons to Review Insurance Claims and Policies

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We all know we need it, but nobody likes to delve into the details.  Consumers purchase billions of dollars worth of life, auto, home, and health insurance.  But how often do you review the Explanation of Benefits or the actual policy? What if I told you that review of the EOB can save you tens of thousands of dollars?  And that reviewing your renewal each year could save you hundreds if not thousands? Two events collided last month in my … Read More

Protections Exist for LGBT Community


“Married at Noon, Fired by 2 pm” is becoming a thing of the past for gay and lesbian employees. The federal government has determined that “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” fall within the umbrella of protection against sex-based discrimination in certain areas of public life.    These federal agency decisions offer guidance and protection in most employment and K-12 educational settings. We are entering a rapidly changing legal landscape. Federal, state, and local protections now offer a patchwork of protections in … Read More

Save Money on Legal Services


Access to justice is at an all time low. Unbundled legal services can provide clients with access to a lawyer for specific portions of the project, while the client performs the legwork and remainder of the task. The client remains in control of the project; saves money; and has access to quality, affordable legal services. A number of situations lend themselves well to unbundling.  For instance, clients can hire an attorney to render a legal opinion; draft letters and documents; … Read More